When we won’t talk about depression

Some good thoughts and links to further reading about depression from Murdenkim, blogger at Dappled Things

Dappled Things


The first time I visited a counsellor I walked into the waiting area of the clinic and saw a woman from my church there. I slipped straight out again and walked once around the block. When I came back she had disappeared (how we wish the depressed would disappear!) and I persuaded myself to sit in the high-risk waiting room for a few more vulnerable minutes until my name was called. As if visiting a counsellor hadn’t raised enough issues for me, I then faced the added shame of being seen visiting a counsellor. Apparently depression was something we shared in common but never talked about, especially not in church.

Back then no one talked about depression especially the common everyday type, unwarranted, un-asked for and unwelcome. You might have got away with a reactive depression following the death of a loved one or a similar crisis event; something truly…

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